Oil Leakage Rectifications:

Many oil-filled transformers have been in service for years. One issue with aging transformers is addressing oil leaks. when oil is leaking out, air and moisture can and often do get inside transformers.

Moisture can migrate into transformers through several methods. One of the most common is through aged, leaking gaskets. Even though a transformer is at positive pressure, capillary action can draw moisture and air into a transformer, even when it is leaking oil.

Rapid pressure changes attributed to cold weather operation and sudden removal from service (a transformer switched out or de-energized) can increase the rate at which water is introduced into the transformer. Wherever oil is seen leaking from a transformer, the leaks should be repaired so moisture and oxygen cannot infiltrate the unit through those areas.

We can either fix just the leaking point or completely regasket all transformer openings and reprocess the oil to put equipment back in good condition; the scope of the job is up to the customer confirmation.

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