ZGL believe extending the useful life of a transformer is the single most important strategy for increasing life of power transmission and distribution infrastructure.

Determining the present condition of a transformer is an essential step in analyzing the risk of failure.
We are experts when it comes to determining and evaluating the condition of transformers and their most critical components. With the assistance of established and innovative measuring methods, we provide a comprehensive picture of the current condition of a transformer and develop recommended actions. This gives you the confidence that you are making the right choice every step of the way.

Transformers are often situated at strategically critical locations in power supply systems, and as a result the financial consequences of their failure can easily exceed their actual asset value. The real challenge lies in implementing the right action at the right time.

Given that the average age of transformers in most system is around 15 – 20 years and considering the increase of the typical failure probability with the transformer age, action clearly needs to be taken to ensure their continued reliability and functionality.

Testing of Transformers:

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