Oil Degasification

Oxygen found in transformer oil leads to oxidation and significantly reduces the dielectric strength of the oil and the insulating system. In general, under normal atmospheric pressure, the insulating oil contains approximately 10% of atmospheric air. The higher the temperature, the better the dissolution of air in oil wll be. It is highly important to understand that the composition of atmospheric air and the air dissolved in oil, differ greatly. Atmospheric air is comprised of 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. When that same air is dissolved in oil, it becomes comprised of 69.8% nitrogen and 30.2 oxygen.

Transformer oil degassing is a complex of processes targeted at the removal of water, gasses, and mechanical impurities from the dielectric oil.

Transformer oil degassing can be performed after analyzing oil samples. It requires specialized equipment. Degassing is the process of extraction of gases from the oil and reducing their content to below regulated standards. This process is performed both on oil already in operation in a transformer, and on fresh oil, which can absorb gases during transportation or storage before filling in the transformer.

Transformer oil purification through degassing will not fix the underlying issue. It is necessary to INVESTIGATE the symptoms with electrical testing, inspection and repair. With more than 25+ years of experience, our onsite transformer repair services effectively and efficiently get your transformers back to a reliable condition. Often, the fault can be pin-pointed and repaired in the field.

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